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B6Zip Is A Free Robust B6Z File Extraction Utility

There were times when floppy drives and dialup modems meant that compressing files was necessary. Today, there is still a reason to compress files even though bandwidth and storage are of less a concern with high speed internet and virtually unlimited harddrive space. You will still have to bundle groups of files together into one for attaching to emails instead of adding dozens of separate files. This is where the B6Zip utility comes in handy for mac users. The b6z file is smaller than the sum of each file compressed inside of it, and has become a favorite for mac users when transmitting files over email or to serve on the internet.
Native zip decompression has long been part of many operating systems including OS X. However, these are often limited and most do not even allow the ability to decompress encrypted password protected files. This is why B6Zip was created, so that you can have all of the features of a full compressed archive software suite with the simplicity of using a Mac that just works. Though mainly for the modern B6Z file format, B6Zip can also read all the standard archive formats you may be familiar with such as 7Z and TAR. There are many esoteric file formats that B6Zip can extract as well that you probably have never even heard of.
Using the B6Zip app is about as simple as it can get. Double-click a file that you want to extract and B6Zip will start working on the file right away, and will usually get done extracting the file before it even has a chance to show you the progress bar.
If you are a regular user of file archives and want one app to be able to extract all of them no matter the format, then B6Zip is worth the download on your computer.