This is the Fifth year of Anight's Nameless Music Festival. We are growing bigger and bigger. As my design working is going to another level. This was even better than 2016. I am more into this space trip who brings the people to the land of Music, where amazing things happen. Designing this year logo I was concentrated in some kind of Mayan style, I was thinking about creating a code, a mixture between technology and old Pictures, I wanted to create this new trip into a planet driving a Spaceship cockpit that you can see in the center of the yellow "N". the Graphic design is always focused on trying to replicate a 3D effect without using any rendering program but only Photoshop.
This year after movie was as always done with K1 Lab -
 When you design a cover for a festival wth guests like Afrojack, Axwell Ingrosso, Zedd, Tchami, Jauz, Malaa, Throttle, Kayzo, Vini Vici and many more you get a huge responsibility not only for the artists image but also on the customers communication, that as to be powerful, creative, inspirational and direct.
As every year I designed  multiple covers for all the stages, this year there has been three stages.
I designed the style for the Facebook adv images, creating a coherent setting who can give to the Festival a unique image from one step to the other.
I wanted to create a serie of clear and unique simbology based upon shapes, font, and elements such as the web, the image treatment, and the circular form and the Alien code.
For the fifth year edition The Chemical Brothers were playing, I was kinda connected to their guidelines so the design couldn't really follow my expectations.
But Nameless is most of all where it is located, in the nearby mountain of Barzio near the Lake of Como