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Ninjaflower Piercing Studio and Retail Store, Wellington

Stage Three Project
Presentation slides, interior views & model photos
“In place of a public realm, modernism gave us space around towers that was at once so dominated and so abused by them as to be permanently uninhabitable. A good city, by contrast, is like a coral reef, where convex material forms create
concave spatial ones that nourish life.”

- Elizabeth Farrelly, Sydney Morning Herald
Derived from the established brand essence of ‘your shrine, you sanctuary’ and scripting of a distressed lawyer’s search for a sanctum within the city of Wellington, a sound brandSCAPE is formed that embodies the fundamentals of Ninjaflower. This brandSCAPE transforms into an architectural intervention within the city that responds to its context physically, socially and ecologically, performing as Ninjaflower’s retail store.

The concept explores the underlying concept of ‘incisions’ within the piercing industry and how this language can be reinterpreted and directly translated into architectural forms of various scales, which the human can experience and interact with. To drive this concept, a ternary of key components is implicated within the design. These components actualise the retail store’s brandSCAPE linking and referring directly back to the Ninjaflower’s brand
essence and elusive script.
A big design feature that subtly characterises the interior are the faceted wooden framed walls that appear to curve, but have mesh and plaster applied to it, forming the stucco effect. This effect is implemented in the primary and secondary display zones reflecting the store’s key conceptual components of ‘incisions’ and the ‘coral reef’ within the built environment. Within the primary display zone, the plastered walls allow for the notion of inserting an object beneath the ‘skin’ or built environment. This is applied through the use of a series of MDF shelves or cases coated in plaster that are embedded within the segmented stucco walls. The concept of ‘coral reefs’ is also mimicked in the sense that these cases contain and nourish what essentially is the housing and
interactive display for the jewellery.
Cavities, nooks & crannies that range in multiple scales dictate the physical forms of my architectural intervention. The nooks and crannies seek to reiterate the penetration and piercing of the body and
further so, an incision into the built envelope and skin. At a macro scale, the site location of Chews Lane in Wellington’s Central Business District, is chosen for the concept’s placement as an alleyway is
already formed in between the clusters of monolithic buildings. Within this notion, the idea of piercing extends beyond the physical to the social norms of the surrounding
programs. The program of a piercing store contrasts and challenges the surrounding high end fashion stores, offices and lavish apartments.

It acts as a beacon and
sanctuary to those daring individuals seeking to delve beneath the skin.