Conference Speaker Profile Illustrations
I was approached by to create illustrations of all their speakers for the conference that took place on the 30 September 2017 at the Baxter theatre. is a movement or platform whereby they showcase leaders (current & future), in their field or career or life in general, to inspire us to live with purpose.  And they just happened to be Muslims [People who submit to One God].

Hani Du Toit
Hani brings 22 years’ experience in local and international training environments and has worked with CEOs of multi-nationals, academic staff in higher education, local government, non-profit organisations and struggling youth in impoverished townships.
Khalil Hendricks
Khalil is the Director at Mizan Institute & InLight Foundation,  a Teacher at Darun Naim in Wynberg and actively involved in a number of community development projects
Lois Strachan
When Lois Strachan became blind at the age of 21 as a result of Type 1 (childhood onset) diabetes she realized she had a choice – to go home and give up and be angry, bitter, dependent and depressed for the rest of her life... or she could take back control of her destiny and actively choose to move forward as a blind person in a sighted world.
Aslam Cassiem
Teacher, a radio host/ producer and an imaam serving the community. "Being a ward councilor is still being a servant of people (God) - serving people is my passion."

Bilqees Omar
Bilqees moved to Cape Town almost 11 years ago when she tied the knot with her husband in December 2006, after completing her Honours in Accounting at the University of KwaZulu-Natal Durban.

In January 2007, she joined Deloitte Cape Town as a Trainee Accountant to complete her article’s training contract. During this tenure, she had her first child, Bayyinah, who turns 10 next month. 3 years later, in 2010, she qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Shortly after, she went on a short sabbatical from corporate, intending to return 3 months later.

Having discovered that she was pregnant for the second time, it was decided she’d do a short Home Executive stint and in 2011, Bilqees and her husband welcomed their son into the world. Life happened and to date, she continues to lovingly, remain on sabbatical, and has subsequently been promoted to Chief Home Executive, having had her second son in 2013.
Faizel Sayed
Producer, TV Show Host and CEO of Deen TV, Faizal Sayed started his television career in 2001 producing a range of productions for the SABC, ETV, ITV, CTV, Asian fusion and ICN. Prior to entering the television market, Faizal was a radio show host at a local community radio station.

Fareed Behardien
Fareed Behardien’s blog dominated the 2016 South African Blog Awards by winning Best Lifestyle Blog, Best Sport Blog as well as taking the Overall title in the competition.

Fareed started Leave the Couch in 2013 to document his journey from “average oke” to “fitter average oke” with the aim to inspire others to get up, go outside and to lead active lifestyles. His main aim is to use an authentic story-telling style to share his adventures in the mountains in both written and video form.
Farid Sayed
Born in Benoni South Africa "I have been a community-based journalist since 1975. During his tenure as the Leading Editor at Muslim Views, the newspaper has established itself as the leading Muslim newspaper in South Africa.

Jessica Mouneimne
Jessica Mouneimne is an accomplished entrepreneur and author. Having cut her teeth as a journalist in her early professional career and then moving into the world of PR, “Jess” has a thorough understanding of the media marketing landscape both locally and internationally. 
Jess founded 360-degree communications agency, Jam Media in 2013 and together with her team have worked with some of South Africa’s largest companies locally and internationally.
Dr Lamees Ras
Dr Lamees Ras, 35, of Walmer Estate Cape Town, is breaking boundaries in the field of gynaecology by setting her sights on becoming one of a handful of certified urogynaecologists in the country.

A urogynecologist manages clinical problems associated with dysfunction of the pelvic floor and bladder. Pelvic floor disorders affect the bladder, reproductive organs, and bowels.
Mehboob Bawa
Co-MC and Speaker Coach, Advisor for Saturday's Leadership Conference. "A seasoned professional in all aspects of media including radio and television broadcasting, film and journalism. I have worked both in the business and creative arenas and have more than 28 years’ experience in the industry.

I have extensive experience in the running of a radio station having been charged with developing and implementing department budgets, managing and training staff including technicians and on air presenters, sourcing on air talent, overseeing studio operations and providing input on staff conflict resolutions."
Muhammad Junaid Chafeker, aka, Ma Li Jien(M.J.Li), name given in China. Qualified School Teacher, also Qualified Radio/Tv Producer and Presenter. Started Kungfu Training in Cape Town, S.A. and then went on to train extensively and professionally in Mainland China, Hong Kong & The USA

He has been a Professional S.A. Kungfu Athlete, for over 20 years and represented South Africa, at 5 World Championships: 2005 (Beijing, 3rd bronze), 2010 (Shanghai, 2nd silver), 2012 (USA and Mexico,1st, 2gold), 2014 (USA, 1st, 3gold), 2016 (New York and Texas, 4 Gold, 1st)

Currently working with Youth across Western Cape and South Africa, developing future Kungfu champions.
Will take a Youth Squad from S.A. to Hong Kong in March 2018 for International Tournament. Representing South Africa at 3 World Champs in 2018: USA, China and Russia
Moeghsien Aghmad Sulaiman
Currently studying hifth under Sh.Abdullah Awaldien
Passion: loves listening to various reciters and lectures by Mufti Ismail Menk
Inspiration: his Dad, Grandpa, Sh.Awaldien, Sh.Ebrahim Gabriels and most certainly Mufti Ismail Menk
Dreams: completing his hifth,studying in Madinah and becoming the Imam of the Masjidul Haram in Makkah one day, IA

Mustaq Brey
Mustaq Brey serves as Chief Executive Officer of Brimstone Investment Corporation Ltd, a company which he co-founded in 1995. A qualified Chartered Accountant by profession, Mustaq currently serves as the chairman of the Oceana Group Ltd, Life Healthcare Ltd and International Frontier Technologies SOC Ltd. He also serves on the boards of AON Re SA (Pty) Ltd, Lion of Africa Insurance Company Ltd, and House of Monatic (Pty) Ltd. He serves on and chairs various board committees including the audit committee of the Mandela Rhodes Foundation.

Mustaq is an independent director and chairman of the finance committee of Western Province Cricket Association. He is also a trustee of the Jakes Gerwel Foundation. He has an unwavering passion for uplifting communities and this is the golden thread that connects his business and personal life. He is the founder of the Saabri & Ashrafi Relief Fund.
Naadiyah Moosajee
Naadiya is a serial social entrepreneur by passion, a civil engineer by training, and is Co-Founder at WomHub, an innovative company creating gender parity through education and technology. She is the co-founder of WomEng, a social enterprise, which she has grown across multiple countries. WomEng tackles gender parity all along the engineering skills pipeline from empowering 1 million girls in STEM to developing women leaders and entrepreneurs in engineering.
Radia Bawa
Radia Bawa Hendricks completed the memorisation of the Qur’an at the age of nine. She has studied various aspects of Qur’anic recitation under well-known teachers like Qari Isma’il Londt.

She has also studied Arabic and other branches of Islamic Studies in Cape Town and holds a degree in media and communication science from UNISA.
Saliegh Salaam
Saliegh is responsible for driving Net Client Cash Flow, Performance and Profitability of Shari’ah Funds and Specialist Equity (Managed Volatility and Managed Alpha) Funds.

He is the lead Fund manager and champion of Shari’ah products (equity and multi-asset) since 2007. In addition, Saliegh is also the lead fund manager on Old Mutual High Yield Opportunity Fund (Managed volatility) and co-fund manager on Managed Alpha Funds. Saliegh is the liaison for Shari’ah board and Shari’ah product partners. Saliegh is a member of the boutique Exco and Sales committee.

Saliegh has 20 years of financial markets experience encompassing the entire investments value chain, from dealing, equity analysis, portfolio management and leadership.
Shafiq Morton
“We’ve interviewed thousands of guests from over 100 different parts of the world.” So says author, senior journalist and award winning presenter, Shafiq Morton, who hosts VOC’s weekday current affairs afternoon show, Drivetime. A Capetonian by birth and a father of two, he says serving Cape Town’s cosmopolitan Muslim community has been a “thoroughly unique and uplifting experience. Voice of the Cape has provided a rare space for the story behind the story.” In addition to his on-air duties he blogs for his personal VOC site on and writes for various national and international publications such as Muslim Views, Al-Qalam, The Palestine Chronicle and writes op-eds for the Independent Newspaper Group in South Africa. Shafiq’s varied career spans over three decades, and in recent years has garnered many awardsincluding the 2008 Vodacom Journalist of the Year Award in the community category as well as the regional category in 2010.

Zarina Ebrahim
Since birth, Zarina has undergone a total of 26 operations.However, this did not stop her from chasing her dreams. Zarina is a force of nature. I hope that you find her story as inspiring as we have and that you walk away feeling empowered with the knowledge that anything in life is possible.
Yaaseen Barnes
Awarding Winning Comedian. Yaaseen Barnes still trying to organize someone to write his bio for him... watch this space.

Khalil Aleker
The Co-founder of Accidental Muslims
Zaheer Parker
The Co-founder of Accidental Muslims
Conference Speaker Profile Illustrations

Conference Speaker Profile Illustrations

Illustrations of all the speakers for a conference that took place on the 30th of September 2017 at the Baxter Theatre, brought to you by Acciden Read More