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Daily Logo Challenge — 50 logos in 50 days
Daily Logo Challenge
While doing this challenge I decided not to use colour at all and focus entirely on the shapes instead. In each short brief, there were 3 name propositions, I have included all of them in the descriptions below. My design process included a short online / offline research, idea generation with hand sketches and then refining the logo. All together the challenge took me exactly 79 hours and 45 minutes, which averages to a little bit more than 1,5h per logo (which is super duper fast). It was a nice excercise and I'd recommend it to anyone that's trying to improve their logo design abilities.
Day 1 Spaceship logo (Axis / Comet / Aerolite)
Day 2 Hot Air Balloon logo (Lift / Crown / Whoosh)
Day 3 — Panda logo (Panda Global / Bamboo / Endangered Panda Conservation)
Day 4 — Single Letter logo < modern take on the celtic capital F >
Day 5 — Driveless Car logo (Autonome, Vrooom, Onward)
Day 6 — Coffee Shop logo (Dylan's Coffee, The Roasted Bean, Tazza)
Day 7 — Fashion Brand wordmark (OAKAO, Deities, Adams & Abigail)
Day 8 — Ski Mountain logo (Brass Peak, Mount Blanco, Traverse, Snowdrop)
Day 9 — Streaming Music Startup logo (Beat, Pitch, Bass)
Day 10 — Flame logo (Sizzle, Liight [or Light], Flint & Flame)
Day 11 — Daily Logo Challenge logo
Day 12 — Airline logo (SkyBound, Pioneer, Airtrack)
Day 13 — Barbershop logo (Cleaned Up, Ross & Circle, Bob The Barber)
Day 14 — Cloud Computing logo (Cumulous, Precipitatio, Zip Cloud)
Day 15 — Hand Lettering logo
Day 16 — Fox logo (Read Fox, Reynard, FOXOF)
Day 17 — Geometric logo (Vine & Berry, Delta, Arc)
Day 18 — Cupcake logo (Betty's Bakery, CakeCup, Frosted)
Day 19 — Kangaroo logo (Hopo, Heaps, Sunnies)
Day 20 — National Park logo (Pikake National Park, Lincoln National Park, Cloud National Park)
Day 21 — Granola Company logo (Crunch, Yumm, Pack & Trail)
Day 22 — City logo (Greenflower, Torrine, Fernsworth)
Day 23 — Boat logo (Foata, Star Point Marine, Open Waters Yachts)
Day 24 — Bicycle Shop logo (SterHip Bikes, Peddle Power, Geared UP)
Day 25 — Photographer logo (Lenns, Capture, Dark Room Studio)
Day 26 — Paper Airplane logo (Airio, Glide, UpToss)
Day 27 — Ice Cream Company logo (Scooop, Moo Family Farms Ice Cream, Snob Ice Cream)
Day 28 — Hip Clothing Brand logo (Vault, Cloth, Plain Threads)
Day 29 — Rideshare Car Service logo (Travis Bickle, Drive, ShareCity)
Day 30 — Sneaker Company logo (Height, Sneak, DNA)
Day 31 — Lighthouse logo (Beacon, Fog Inc, Beam & Bow)
Day 32 — Sports Team logo (Flyers, Eagles, Royal Scouts)
Day 33 — Burger Joint logo (Big Buns, One Burger, Fries & Guys)
Day 34 — Social Media Website logo (Cha-t, Bounce, Woven)
Day 35 — Dinosaur Amusement Park logo (Dino Park, Prehistoric World, Big Ferns)
Day 36 — Record Label logo (Spiiin, Lean Records, First Music)
Day 37 — Television News Network logo (TVW, Globe News, Sportz)
Day 38 — College/University logo (Cutting University, Allen Academy, Kiem University)
Day 39 — Messaging App logo (Ping Pong, Bounce, Shout, Chatya)
Day 40 — Camera App logo (Clearer, Quick Shot, Lens Cap)
Day 41 — Dating App logo (Happen, Connect, Twine)
Day 42 — Postal Service logo (Postal, Speedy, AirShip)
Day 43 — Architectural Firm logo (Stevens & Taylor, Pegasus, Pinnacle)
Day 44 — Food Truck logo (Let's Ketchup Sometime / Epic Wrap Battles / In Cod We Trust / Rolling Scones / Grills Just Wanna Have Fun / Planet of the Crepes)
Day 45 — Construction Company logo (Russell Contracting, Better Builders, Stevens & Co.)
Day 46 — Baby Apparel Brand logo (Bloom & Baby, Craw Clothes, Helen)
Day 47 — Juice or Smoothie Company logo (Beach Juice, Smooth Fruits, Just Juice)
Day 48 — Cellphone Carrier logo (5 Bars, Vector, VivaPhone, Mobily)
Day 49 — Toy Store logo (Castle Toys, The Toys, Toy Town)
Day 50 — Video Game Arcade logo (The Space Arcade, Joystick, Pinball Paradise, Jump.)
Daily Logo Challenge — 50 logos in 50 days

Daily Logo Challenge — 50 logos in 50 days

Daily logo challenge. For 50 days each day I have designed a different logo.