Textured Portrait  

After discovering some interestingfacts and learning/ observing my friend's personal style, I chose the German crosssymbol and decided to design in a grunge style. I made rubbings of the sidewalk and walls from outside touse as textures. I experimentedwith tea stains as well. Once Igot some textures I really liked I scanned them in along with some hand drawnportraits of Dave. I wanted thetextures to be the main base for my compositions. I layered the textures with my images in Photoshop and usedblending modes until they were almost unrecognizable.  I used clipping masks to design my fourportraits. I played withcomposition and negative space to really pull the viewer in to my textures andportraits. I played withpatternmaking of the cross symbol. After I finished a portrait I liked, the other three really just startedto develop fast. 
Experimentation with tea stains, texture rubbings, and portrait sketches.
Combination of textures, stains, and sketches.