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    Ekaa Maksour (Rhythm Broken) from Lekhfa Album.
Rhythm broken into four quarters
drilling illusion into listening ears
a devil in lies a long arm in tyranny
you the sultan the people public property
your friend the flute cursed you in jest
you spilled his blood performed the rites
you took no excuses from the dervishes
you left no followers to the saints
let us hear your rolling beat intoxicate our plucked wings
if falsehood is your game people will serve you without shame
play all the ditties kill us slow
we are the masses we will endure
slip us and slide us down the well we fall
our heart is wide our chest can take it all

#Ekaa_Maksour (Rhythm Broken) from #Lekhfa album
Lyrics by Mido Zoheir, Translated by Wiam El-Tamami
Maryam Saleh // Tamer Abu Ghazaleh // Maurice Louca // Mostakell