Silent Cry 2012 is an anti-abortion initiative directed to young students. Based on a song with the same title by Robert Pierre, this nonprofit was seeking to communicate its message in a more positive light.

The initiative needed a brand identity, book, download cards and website. Silent Cry wanted all of these concepts to communicate their message with a positive and enthusiastic tone.

Through early logo concepts, we sought to find a design that communicated the joy in life rather than focusing on the absence of it. These included iconic representations of wooden children's toys and objects that brought us joy in our youth. We also explored a series of more traditional concepts that focused on ways to represent life. One of our ideas was the the surgical image of a heartbeat, a design the client was excited about. We then applied this branding to a small booklet, single page website, song download cards and other collateral.

This project was especially challenging given the message that it was communicating. Typically, this would be a project that we would avoid. However, we saw an opportunity to attempt to change the way the subject has been negatively communicated in the past. We still believe that there are plenty of improvements that could be made to better represent this message.

Visit the site: HearTheSilentCry.org
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Spread From Book
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