About the project
Clube Olá it’s a marketing platform from portuguese ice cream brand Olá (part of the multinational Unilever) that it’s been creating a stronger relationship with children and their ice creams produts and brand.
With its online presence, they are always connected with their ‘small’ customers, offering a wide variety of promotions, events, and information.

The website concept it's based in the "Planeta Olá" prior concept, where the three characters, the Pirate 'Perna-de-Pau', the child 'Epá' and the dog 'Supermaxi' travel to a distant planet, where special trees gave them three different ice-creams, eating those ice-creams gave them special powers to defend planet Earth from evil, the 'Nodja' creature.
Final Layout
Preloader animated sequence

Preloader initial screen


Example of interactive hotspots in the homepage: Click in the 'Musical Tree' buttons and ear the Olá Kids Music.

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Special Competitions Example: Calippo Shots / Ice Age 3 - win Movie tickets

'Ecards and Downloads' area - Where you can send ecards,
download mobile ringtones, emoticons, calendars and lot more.

Download 'Clube Olá' emoticons and use them in your messenger.
'For Parents' - 'Olá' Ice-cream and Nutrition
The user could zoom through the POS Pricelist and click on the desired product.
'For Parents' - 'Olá' Ice-cream and Nutrition
Nutrition information for each ice-cream
'Clube Olá' presentation