Inktober 2017 / Droids and Birds
For Inktober 2017, I couldn’t decide between droids and birds for my theme, so it’s some of both! Once again these are all done in Adobe Sketch on an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Trying to practice my inking by not doing any pencil sketches or tracing. Largely done with Kyle T. Webster’s Clean as a Whistle brush, along with his Wet Edges and Spatter Punk brushes and a few others sprinkled in. Final pieces, plus timelapse videos, below!
Day 1: Swift a peregrine falcon’s feather
Day 2: Divided C-3PO always seems to be separated from at least one of his limbs, making him especially appropriate for this prompt
Day 3: Posion BT-1, a terrifying little astromech, is more than up to the task
Day 4: Underwater Duck feet are such a great contrast. Totally awkward while walking, but so graceful underwater​​​​​​​
Day 5: Long K-2SO and his long and lanky limbs makes for such a dynamic character
Day 7: Shy I mean, come on, this one was such an obvious choice. BB-8!!!
Day 8: Crooked For all their grace, a heron’s best neck always makes me think of a crooked old man.
Day 10: Gigantic BB-8 zipping between the remains of behemoth AT-AT’s on Jakku