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    Winning video about entrepreneurship, on the occasion of the global entrepreneurship week.
Video clip about entrepreneurship that was done for the competition, which is organized in the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship week, which is a global campaign to promote entrepreneurship among young people. It is an initiative whose final aim is to raise awareness among young people about the importance of entrepreneurship as a lifestyle and a way to your imagination and creativity into a profitable business.

Video won first place, and will be displayed and promoted during the Global Entrepreneurship week, which takes place from 12th to 18 November 2012th year.

Video we did Alen Kurtic implementation and installation, and I (Irma Ibrić) idea, the concept and the process of the sketch to the finished product, which is the very example shows how to realize their ideas, and the aim was to encourage and motivate others.

Idea & Concept : Irma Ibric
Actress: Irma Ibrić, Adna Kuduzovć, Dijana Sejdinović, Arnela Islamović
Camera: Alen Kurtić
Edit: Alen Kurtić (Irma Ibric final scene MAŠTA MOŽE POSTATI STVARNA)
Photos: NIkola Jurić