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    I declare this month of November will be change to Lovember, the month of Love. So fill your month with Love! Love is like a hide and seek game.… Read More
    I declare this month of November will be change to Lovember, the month of Love. So fill your month with Love! Love is like a hide and seek game. There is always someone playing "hide" and "the seeker". You just got to seek that person out and when you do find where they have been hiding, it is one of the best moment in life. Love, Hug and Cherish each other. The photography and evervthing in between is done by myself therefore it is original work by yours truely. Teehee! Read Less
I declare this month of November will be change to Lovember, the month of Love. So fill your month with Love!

Love is like a hide and seek game. There is always someone playing "hide" and "the seeker". You just got to seek that person out and when you do find where they have been hiding, it is one of the best moment in life. Love, Hug and Cherish each other.
Lovember Day #2,

Some fortune cookies saying may sound a little generic, but this was the one that encourage me to start the first step. In the spirit of Lovember, if you like someone, don't hesitate, don't calculate, articulate.
Lovember Day #3,

Love ones can sometimes be as close to our heart or across the globe away. If your love is a near, hug them, if your love is far, cherish them with all your heart. Let the person feel your love and affection.
Lovember Day #4,

Ever hesitate to ask someone out or tell someone that you are interested? Well, it never hurts if you ask. You have a 50-50 chance, it's a YES or a NO isn't it? Just don't regret down the road. It's okay to love and like someone hmmmkay?
Lovember Day #5,

Flowers can be given on a special day like birthday, anniversary and Valentine's Day. But if you decide to send flowers on a random unexpected day to your love ones, that brings a different smile to their heart.
Lovember Day #6,

My first kiss was perfect to me. No..it wasn't under the Eiffel Tower or in beautiful Tahiti but it was a moment i will never forget. It was a day in Spring and i said " I have always wanted to kiss you"..then away it happened. How about yours? 

Feel free to share this image and spread #lovember to everyone!
Lovember Day #7,

1 + 1 = ? The answer will always be 2. To be 2gether is simple, just got to roll with it. If you like someone, like them and don't over complicate things. If you both have a feeling for each other, why not give it a try? Love, Hug & Cherish! #lovember
Lovember Day #8,

When it comes to a relationship, it is never a smooth ride. You have to endure some roller coaster's highs and lows. If its always smooth then what's the fun right? You love someone for who they are and certain things you don't agree, well that's call "adaptation" and "forgiveness". Be that person that will always be there for him/her!
Lovember Day #9,

An inevitable question that a love one will curiously ask each other vaguely and indrectly. Answer it with honesty and in this case, creatively! Embrace the past and rejoice the future. 

Here is the inspiration video made by Wong Fu Productions:

Lovember Day #10.

Sometimes we do silly cheesy things to attract the opposite sex just to get their attention. I do, we all do. Just to get that person to smile and laugh. Be bold! It's okay to be cheesy and dress classy! Lovember style!
Lovember Day #11,

The best gift in life is the present of each other side by side. The love and affection towards each other simply can't be replace monetarily, only the present of you makes me happy.
Lovember Day #12,

It takes a lot of courage for a person to confess to someone they like, especially someone that they feel really connected and enjoy talking to. It just takes those few seconds to determine whether it is a yes or a no. Be courages and embrace what happens next. We are all in the same game.
Lovember Day #13,

It is that "Ah-ha" moment when both of you lock eyes for the first time. It may not be love at first sight but it indicates mutual interest. How it starts and what happens next...well thats up to the next step..friendship, courtship and relationship but sometimes it's also sink ship and abandon ship. Make the days together count. It's not always the end result that matters the most, it is the process and experience that makes it great!
Lovember Day #14,

Hiccups in your relationship? Argument perhaps? It's okay, we all went through and experienced it before. When there is love, there is going to be arguments..notice it's plural not singular? That means there are going to be lots of them but the good news is that you care for each other. In a good way, arguments bonds a relationship stronger. Always give a kiss back when you are done arguing, that seals the deal! Lovember Style!
Lovember Day #15,

Do you have secret admirers? Well, it's a good thing or to some it may sound creepy. I say instead of hiding, come out and show yourself and be confident! You will never know, that dude or chic might dig you! Yours truly, Lovember Style!
Lovember Day #16,

From one to another secrets are told, from one to another Love is unfold. Ever have secrets in your heart that you wanted to share with your love one? We all do, secrets are meant to be told the only reason why it's called "Secret" is because you are telling it to someone that you trust and hope that the person will not expose it to another. If that happens..it's now called "Rumor". Secrets are more like a inside joke but it's a inside secret more or less. Have you told your secret to that special someone today?
Lovember Day #17,

A special day and a special night, gazing stars all through the night, make a wish upon a shooting star on a starry starry night. Remember the last romantic thing you did together with your love one? It's a moment that will be remembered and cherish for a very long long time. Remember to continue to surprise your other half and never let the "thing" slip away! Creative Romantic Lovember Style!
Lovember Day #18, 

The meaning of Love is universal, no matter which language and which culture. Have you express your Love yet? Surprise your love ones with a different language for the word "Love".
Lovember Day #19,

For those who doesn't believe in true Love exist, just a reminder that someone out there is looking for you. Words can only express a small part, the rest is felt with your heart. When someone says "I Love You". It is a special moment just for the two of you. Cheers!
Lovember Day #20,

This is a song title that i really like and at the same time it is funny! When it comes to choosing who you really like to be with is complicated and faith comes in different shapes and form so let it come naturally. Lovember Love ♥!
Lovember Day #21,

Which would you choose? Bad boy..bad boy..they will treat you like a toy. Nice guy..nice guy..they will treat you like a lady and they tell you why. Ladies, would you go with bad boy or the nice guy? Bad boys are kinky in a way that somehow attracts the attention of certain females. Well, obviously nice guys are introverted, keeping things to themselves especially feelings for a female. But that doesn't mean they are creepy. They just don't know how to express their feelings. Lovember love!
Lovember Day #22,

One rose signifies "Love at first sight" or "you are still the one". What it means to me? It means "You are the only one for me". So when you get a chance, pick up a rose or two for your love one and tell them how you feel, let them know "love is in the air, can you feel it?" Lovember Love!
Lovember Day #23,

Have you ever felt that you are attached or in this case, drawn to this one person and a feeling you can't describe? Well no worries, it's not heart attack..it's call "L.O.V.E.". Embrace Lovember with Love!
Lovember Day #24,

Have you ever feel so happy that you wanted to jump for joy? Oh boy. It is definitely a good day! To the lovers, may you both have the best time of your lives and for the ones still looking, look at it on the brighter side of things..good things are coming! Lovember Love! Cheers!
Lovember Day #25,

This is obviously a parody scene from Titanic. The message behind this is do you have courage to do the same thing Jack did for Rose? I believe many will say yes to this and for that i salute you my friend. Lovember Love!
Lovember Day #26,

There is no such thing as who say "I love you" first to each other. It is a feeling inside that you wanted to tell each other. Be brave and say it out loud! It is a magnificent combination of 3 words in the english language in my opinion. Lovember Love!
Lovember Day #27,

When there is an "Ah ha" moment for boys..there is also a female version of that moment. It's natural for a girl to fall for a guy..sometimes it's the confidence and sometimes it's the look. Well, to be honest..most of the time it's the look. But i personally think it is always the confidence that attracts them. When a guy is confidence in his own right, there is this glowing aura which is the attraction. An end note is find a guy that you really find attractive not by the looks only..hmmkay? Lovember Love!
Lovember Day #28,

You are at a party..all the sudden you see this person, your instantly gravitate to this person. What do you do? Do you just keep staring from across the room or go and say hi? Which kind of person is you? This might be the only time you will see this person? In your heart, you ask yourself..do i go for it and say something or i just stay back and act cool? If you decide to stay back, you are a fool! Lovember rule #1, don't hesitate to talk to anyone! Go for it! Stay true, Lovember Love!
Lovember Day #29,

I would like to say "Thank You" for all the likes, views and support from my dear friends. You know who you are! Lovember was a mini project i place myself on and i hope this inspires someone to do something great in life. Gracias Amigos! Muchas gracias!