Wayfinding system for Art-zavod Platforma

Art-zavod Platforma is one of the biggest creative clusters in Ukraine. In past, it was silk factory with area of 120 000 м². Today factory become a place for exhibitions, festivals and other public events.

Before we start we need to solve some of the problems. For a last time Art-zavod Platforma has been expended a lot, that most of the guests didn’t know about existing of the new locations. Another problem is inconspicuous navigation on the bricked walls and chaos in the building names.

We spent a lot of time walking between the different building to understand how visitors behavior will be. We made customer journey that gave us an understanding, where were crowded and dead-end places. Lots of time we shifted, changed and deleted navigation on our working map. And now you see the result of six month of work.

Main principle of the navigation are movable items on the metallic grid, that could change or added in case, if the new location occurs. Colors mixed all together to make a coding for each building, it will help customers to identify Loft from Co-working. Also, we tried to make wayfinding affordable and adaptable enough to change items without our team.

Year                2017
Designer           Lera Shap
Ux-designer       Artem Ivanov
Photographer      Akim Karpach
Client                    Art-Zavod Platforma  (Sergei Sokolov's team)

Wayfinding system for Art-zavod Platforma
Multiple Owners
Lera Shaposhnikova