NEA ZOI (NEW LIFE) in progress
In 1940 about 500 Roma have sough refuge after the great persecution during the IIWW. Their story is a story of persecution. Nea Zoi (New Life) is located 20km from Athens. Passing from Nato Avenue nothing betrays the existence of Roma’s settle- ment. Some months before the mayor of the region gave order to destroy them settle- ments. Today Roma are living without water and electricity. Some of them are work- ing as street vendors, garbage collectors. However, the lack of education, the poor living conditions and the lack of society’s interest have led many of them in all kind of illegal acts. Children are not attending school and most of the times they get preg- nant very young (around 15 years old) and they get married. Unfortunately, because of poor sanitary conditions, lack of medicines and heating, the mortality of children is high. Many of them who survive they often face serious health problems and disabilities.