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    Jason Spencer explains the value that time management holds for aspiring entrepreneurs, and offers a few management strategies.
Wake up at six, sit down for a mug of coffee and a stale bagel. Get to work: emails, projects, budgets, marketing, writing, and more social media promotion than you ever thought you would do. Skip lunch, eat dinner, shower, send one last email and turn off the light. Consider all of the ways the business could fail as you toss and turn in bed.

Rinse, repeat; start over again the next day.

An entrepreneur’s schedule is far from relaxing, especially in the first few months of business. Often, a business owner will wear multiple hats; serving as the PR team, the accounting department, the production lineman, and even the social media intern. By themselves, each of those roles could constitute a part- or even full-time job; and aspiring entrepreneurs must...

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