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    Jason Spencer reviews best practices for drafting an effective business plan.
You are a small-business superstar – or at least, you think you are. You’ve spent hours upon hours brainstorming your new venture, and you’re absolutely convinced that you’re going to corner the market and see mind-blowing success in six months, eight at the very most! Odds are good that you’ll be the next Mark Zuckerburg and make it big enough to get a movie deal.

But before you start picking out the actor you want to play your role in that hypothetical movie you’ve dreamed up, you might want to take a cold dose of reality and actually write a business plan.

The best business ideas in the world are just that: ideas. Success requires action, and action necessitates sharing your fantastic plans with financial backers who can help you bring your ideas into reality. But you can’t simply stroll into a meeting that important with a snappy PowerPoint and a bulleted list of talking points – in all likelihood, you would be laughed out of the room. You need to earn that seat at the table with a solid, respectable business plan. Here are a few best practices to guide your writing.

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