You have a dream and you need someone to fund it, so you spend a few days scribbling out a business plan and proposal. You know (and hope) that those with deeper pockets than yours will hear your idea and realize that with a little help, your venture will change the world. So, you do the rounds; you talk up your idea at networking events and circulate your pitch to well-connected business contacts. Finally, you get a call back – investors want to hear you speak on your ideas. Excited, you burst into the interview prepared with a hundred-page summary and assurances that your business will take off with the measly help of a few million dollars. You’re laughed out of the room before you can load the first slide on your three-hour long powerpoint.  

The truth is, “angel” investors are more likely to kick you to the curb than dump money into your pet project. Simply asking for money won’t earn you the financial support you need – so consider the following tactics for pitching your idea.  

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