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    school assignment

The assignment was to create a self portrait as a person and a designer, with your name on it.
I covered my mouth with a hand, and drew a rough fake screaming mouth on it, to show that I speak not with words, but with my works, projects, things that I do with hands.

There's a bar-code on my wrist, with no numbers, with it I wanted to show that in society everything is objectified and consumed, even humans, and when you meet a person, to understand who you are dealing with, you try to read it's "bar-code", and if it doesn't work really fast, you throw this person away, like a defective product.

Text underneath tells about the things I like and events that shaped me as a person I am now.    
The second self-portrait is sort of a trial, which shows things that were essential for me at that moment: music, photography and painting.