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    Ghostus and Señor Zapallo - #cactusclan Halloween Edition Papertoys
Señor Zapallo is a little crossbreed-experiment gone horribly wrong..
a mad spanish gardener by the name of pablo thought it was a great idea to mix the genes of a cactus with those of a pumpkin. he forgot to put in the evil ingredients to make the evil hybrid he tried to create, so señor zapallo didn’t turn out the way he intended.
diappointed and enraged by his failure, pablo abandoned him and set him free into the wild.
meet Ghostus!
my home is haunted..!! just a couple of days ago i started to notice strange shadows moving around. at first just from time to time, but then Señor Zapallo started to call out to it and he manifested – the Ghostus! Sadly he has no mouth, so he can’t tell us his name.. if you want to, download him now and try, maybe one of you will find out his real name.. if that is the case, please tell me, so we can free his haunted soul and send him to cactus-heaven!