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    Concepts created for 'Cloud Atlas' (2012).
Here you'll find some of the sketches and concepts I created in 2011 for 'Cloud Atlas'. It was a very exciting project to be on and I'm happy it turned into a thrilling film of epic proportions.

Somni's story designs
Most of my designs for the movie belong to this sci-fi part that takes place in Neo-Seoul (Nea So Copros). From day one, I was working on the city's overall appearance (downtown and old part), Papa Song restaurant, city's transit system and the main two vehicles - Enforcer's Gunship (winged, attack ship) and Skiff (which Somni and Chang use during the chase/escape sequence).

You can read more about creating vfx for this part here
Establishing shot of Chongmyo Plaza, where Somni first sees the outside world. Image created during pitching phase of the project, for Cannes festival.
Different view of the Plaza, more rainy atmosphere.
Downtown part of Neo-Seoul, buzzing and colorful, with Megamall in the centre.
Some of many building sketches for populating Neo-Seoul.
City view with the focus on multi-leveled transit system.
I spend quite a while developing various ideas for the transit system on upper and lower levels of Neo-Seoul.
Another city view with an earlier version of the transit system - round energy 'tubes' with vehicles floating inside of them.
Partially flooded part of the city, where slums are located.
Another view at the old part.
Some of the sketches for Papa Song restaurant, where replicants work.
Papa Song's enormous ship-factory used for 'soap production'.
Another version of the slaughter ship.
3D layout of the ship's interior. Hexagonal cubicles' shapes referenced from sketches of another team artist, Rainer Stock.
Execution set for replicants - a kind of dentist chair and a helmet used to release them from the collar and kill moments later. Many initial versions had more medieval/Asian feel to it.
One of the versions of the execution room.
One of the artworks depicting Somni and Chang on the Skiff during their escape.
Skiff went through countless revisions and iterations. Here are some of the designs.
A few versions in more 'police classic' theme.
Just like the Skiff, Enforcer's Gunship evolved and changed. Here's an early study.
Sketches and ideas for Gunship development. Wings start getting longer and the ship is becoming more maneuverable.
A few weapon designs, mainly for Enforcers. Pistol '1' was approved to become Enforcer's side arm and later I created more detailed version in 1:1 scale for prop department (seen in the still above). In the movie it uses 'The Kirby dot gun effect', a fancy muzzle flash based on comic book images from Jack Kirby's comic books.
Various ideas for Chang's explosive, some more hi-tech, some with 'home-made' feel to it. Final film version is a mix of both.
A recording device used mainly by the interrogator in 2144.
Zachry's story designs
For Zachry''s post-apocalyptic story, I worked on Meronym's props and gun, Kona warriors' weapons as well as on the enormous 'hovercraft' used by Meronym's tribe (the final movie version is more streamlined). A few examples:
Some sketches of Meronym's gun. Initial idea for the gun was to be confusing as to which part is the 'business end'. One of Kona warriors was to handle it in a wrong way with fatal consequences.
Healing device used by Meronym.
Additional weapon of Kona warriors - crossbow.
Early version of the hovercraft used by Meronym's people, with more of a rusty 'Waterworld' feel to it.