We're excited to announce the new brand image campaign for Nat Geo Kids. The project concept for this Rebrands was based on how to convert the Nat Geo logo, the world-famous Yellow Frame into a playful scenario taking the premise: "Because we know you are curious" as our starting point.

So we've focused on the Yellow Frame as the key element to transform Nat Geo, an adult brand into a positive, optimistic and kid relevant one: Nat Geo Kids.

Using the logo as a container, the idea was to give a constant brand presence in every type of communicational piece, creating unique, smart and distinctive content, intending to motivate kids to feel excited about exploring the visual campaign, and offering a flexible communication system through which the brand connects viewers through a non-written message.


We created 4 different graphic packs based on the main content pillars: Science & Sea, Nature, Animals and Space, with an extensive library of elements for each theme. A predominan color, a gallery of 3D objects and a set of patterns that build a strong and differentiated image along with the logo are the key elements for each pack. 
The mix between 2D and 3D generates a connection with the kids. it feels as if they can intervine the elements and play with them on and off the screen. 

Directed by: Plenty
Creative Director: Mariano Farias
Executive Producer: Inés Palmas
Art Direction: Federico Bogado & Nicolás Gloazzo
Producer: Clara Etcheverry & María Alvarez Chaus
Design: Federico Bogado, Fede Kanno, Javier Eyherabide & Nicolás Gloazzo
3D Modelling: Federico Bogado, Fede Kanno & Javier Eyherabide
Animation: Sergio Fuego Damonte, Hernán Estévez, Macs Riedel, Javier Eyherabide & Guillermo Zapiola
Rendering & Lighting: Federico Bogado & Fede Kanno
Compositing: Sergio Fuego Damonte, Macs Riedel & Javier Eyherabide
Music & SFX for Idents: Luciano Pérez

Client: National Geographic
SVP Brand Strategy National Geographic: Emanuele Madeddu
VP Branding National Geographic:  Mariano Barreiro
Art Director Branding National Geographic:   Natalia Español