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    This is a fictitious store developed to display my marketing and graphic skills.
REStore MARKET is a grocery store focusing on selling food in bulk quantities. Their sole mission is to be a “Green Grocery Store”, meaning they consume fewer resources and produce less waste. Every aspect of their design system is a commitment to their mission.
The bins were mode of tough polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is both food safe and biodegrades easier than most other types of plastic. I applied the RESTORE MARKET logo to bins using both an etching technique and vinyl cuts. Due to the bins’ sizes variety, it was necessary to apply the logo in different orientations, according to each bin’s specfic atrricutes.
The logomark is a cousin of the “recycle” symbol. I built upon the exsiting symbol, and applied a life-cycle theme. I used a tree, more specifically its leaves, using three leaves rotating, mimicking a cycle. The colors were chosen relating to the colors of a leaf as it grows, ages, and falls off a tree; green represents newborn freshness, yellow the sign of age and orange represents the onset of decay. The pattern is everrepeating as life turns into death and then back to life. I used Futura for its versatile nature and to express modernity.
When understanding our design philosophy, it is first important to begin with our beliefs. We live on Earth & it provides our sustenance.

Unfortunately, we have damaged it. since the Agricultural Revolution we learned how to store& save seeds, replant those seeds & then harvest their product. Soon we produced surplus food. This surplus generated population growth and migration which created civilization. We changed Earth. Eventually, we populated every part of Earth. The Industrial Evolution soon followed. Through this revolution,we learned to produce food at greater quantities. At some point we learned that food needed to be wrapped, to protectit from the elements.Using our new technology we created wrappings that became packages. Eventually companies used packages to establish their business identities. Today packaging invades our daily lives, from stores to our homes.

Currently, food packaging is one of the many things that lay waste across Earth. Few of these products can be recycled & reused. At REstore Market, we want to increase the percentage of waste recycled and decrease the amount of waste produced. Ultimately, we hope to eliminate waste.we understand that waste reduction will be a huge social upheaval, so we decided to be proactive & create a storethat limits the amount of wastes it produces. We are a bulk food store. We reduce the need for packaging, through our systemof tupperware, thus reducing waste.

Reducing waste is very important for concepts & design solutions for RESTORE MARKET. Throughout this manuel youfind ideas that eliminate waste, advocate recycled materials and the use of renewable resources. Spot examples will be highlighted as they are presented.