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    Augusto´s new bike. 25 k gold. 100% hand made.
Augusto and Emma ..

Once upon a time, on a lovely sunny day, little
Augusto had a datewith his girlfriend Emma, they decided to meet up in the woods on topof the mountain which gave Augusto the perfect opportunity to show offhis new bicycle.  Emma was very impressed when she saw Augusto's newshiny gold bike.
The woods were filled with wild animals, colouredponies and the enchanting sounds of nature, so they decided to havesome beer and enjoy their surroundings. Later on that day they theexplored the woods and met the raspberry farmers and some friends for adelicious picnic. At the picnic Augusto's new bike was the centre ofattention and everyone wanted to ride it. When the sun was almost down,after saying their goodbyes and promising they would soon each otheragain; Emma and Augusto went back into the woods talking about love andit's mysteries, and they were happily ever after.