When I was born, my parents gave me the name Sezen. In Turkish origin the meaning of name Sezen is: 
To understand (something) intuitively, understanding intuitively, sense, feel, perceive, discern.

In Christmas 2016 I gave myself the name Sezenta. This is the name I like to be called during the Christmas month(s, as I work on my gifts in November already). 2016 was the year in which I really started making presents myself, and which name is better to combine with my name than Santa?

I made a fairytale book for the first time.
I used existing elements of Disney films and books for the cover
Writing the story, drawing the illustrations and binding the book was all done within 2 months. Because I was in a graphic school I had access to material used to make books. Think of the paper, a good printer, cutting machine etc.
I wanted to involve the whole family in this book, so added them into the story as well.
During her quest she encounters the love of her life and various Disney characters including Belle and The Beast, Rapunzel, Peter Pan, the Little Mermaid and Alice in Wonderland.
The fun part about making your own book is typography! 
I once saw this fun line of typography in a classic Alice in Wonderland book and needed to include this in the book
A Fairy Tale

A Fairy Tale

Last year's Christmas I decided to make my little sister a fairytale-book all about her! I designed the whole book, I even made the cover and cut Read More