The purpose of the project was to create a museum event promotional poster, ticket, and collateral pieces documenting the influence of a great designer in an era of design. The chosen era is International Style (1950-1960) and the designer is Saul Bass. The event is a retrospective that showcases his various works that would be held at the Denver Art Museum.

The historic significance of Saul Bass’ work is unparalleled to any other designer of his time. He revolutionized the film industry with his movie posters and title designs. The use of simple shapes and objects combined with solid colors connected with the viewer in a profound way. He showed what needed to be shown and didn’t make things fancy without reason. He created many logos for major companies but none was more important or visible than the corporate identity for Bell System Telephone Company. It was the most expansive redesign of an identity in the United States at the time.

His work is still often imitated to this day.

The final design attempts to imitate his work as well. 
The bold orange color that he often used in his movie posters is present as the solid background for the piece. 

A few samples of his logo designs are seen being juggled by one of his character designs for the movie poster of
“The Two of Us.” The character has slightly been modified to match the look of Saul himself who often wore glasses and a white cowboy hat. The typefaces for the title of the event are similar to that seen for the movie posters of “Vertigo” and “The Seven Year Itch.” He created the movie poster and title sequence for both movies so it was appropriate to integrate them.

The collateral pieces that were created are those that a person attending the event may find in the gift shop at the museum such as: art print, iPod case, laptop skin, buttons, and t-shirt. The ticket for the event was also designed in a fashion similar to the event poster.

This project is purely conceptual from start to finish.
event poster, iPhone skin, event ticket
laptop skin, logo buttons, t-shirt
image board 1
image board 2
initial concept sketches
rough designs
font selection choices
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