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辞掉了干了三年多的工作;互联网公司是快节奏,也是争分夺秒;我相信也是更需要协作,信任,和耐心;给我自己放了2个月休假, 学习,休息,定位目标,思考未来5年自己的方向,利大于弊;时间就是金钱,这句话会越来越真实,时间真的是在换钱,想想自己已经换来了多少钱,又浪费了多少钱,心里不免有些不安,又有些激动,很难形容,还望自己能想明白,但是唯一点不变,对于绘画的热爱~望大家都好,都能找到你们一生所为之坚持热爱的职业~peace&love

Quit for more than three years of work. Internet companies are fast-paced, but also race against time; I believe there is more need for collaboration, trust, and patience. Give me a 2 month leave, study, rest, target, thinking about the future direction of their own 5 years, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages Time is money, this sentence will be more and more real, time is really money, think of how much money they have in exchange for, and how much money wasted, my heart can not help but some uneasy, and some excitement, it is difficult to describe, also Hope that they can understand. But the only point of the same, for the love of painting ~ hope everyone is good, can find your life insisted on the love of the occupation ~ peace & love