From custom cleats to the tattoos on their bodies, athletes express their personality on and off the field. Illustration has the ability to speak to their talents, their victories, their loves, their losses, their motivations, and their mantras. It captures their style and tells their stories even before the first play. To gear up for the NFL season and to celebrate the game's best players, Under Armour commissioned five artists to pay homage to the warriors who embrace the ferocity, speed, danger, and menace of football.

Artists Ken Taylor, César Moreno, Alexander Iaccarino, Zombie Yeti, and Oliver Barrett created artwork that became the illUSTRATED poster series, which features Cam Newton, Julio Jones, Tom Brady, Patrick Peterson, and Demaryius Thomas.

A limited run of posters were screen printed and then hand delivered to the featured athletes. Additional posters were given out at Under Armour brand events. Digital versions were showcased through Under Armour's social channels. Animated videos and behind-the-scenes content for each poster extended the campaign to a wider audience.

Cam Newton by Ken Taylor
Julio Jones by César Moreno
Tom Brady by Alexander Iaccarino
Patrick Peterson by Zombie Yeti
Demaryius Thomas by Oliver Barrett
Poster Animations by Les83Machines
illUSTRATED Poster Series