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    Presentation for On-air Graphics based on AJE Brand guidelines.
On-air Graphics AJE Brand
This is a presentation for On-air Graphics design based on Al Jazeera English Brand guidelines.
Font Family
The main font Type is Helvetica Neue LT Com 85 Heavy. Secondary font Type is Helvetica Neue LT 65 Medium.
TV & Device friendly
Screens design should be flexible and compatible with tv and different devices in the market.
Design should be simplified as much as possible, sharp and clear for viewer.
Grid Design
Designing with a grid in the background will allow AJ Brand to be consistent in the visual perception of the brand in the screen.  Red lines are the actual Title and Image Safe areas for TV.
Color Code
Developing a color code for each type of News will allow to the viewer to be in constant knowledge with brand &  screen information. The color palette will be divided by Main Color and Secondary Color Palette (to be selected).
Lower Third
Total of 4 levels of information in Lower Third design.
If the actual News has a Social Media tag will be shown on screen for 5/7 seconds. 
Once is the coverage running, the 1st level of info will has a vertical line with the color related of the type of News.
Breaking News Lower Third example.
Sports Lower Third example.
Sting for the News.
Before News intro comes, viewer will watch a short information about a selection of News of the day.
Infographics will be placed in the left side with the main Data in Big font size to be as clear as possible for the viewer.
This will help them in case they are watching it in a Smart Phone.
3 different design to show the most important quote related by the News, from Lower Third screen to Full Screen.
Graphic Map
The Map is divided in 2 design style, satellite and sketched, both coming from Google Maps.
Dividing the map will allow to the viewer to be more focused in the right spot.
News Ticker design consist in separating each News with a golden line and cover in black color the bottom area, moving from right to left with no empty spaces.
Coming Up shows
Following the same design style of Sting for the News.
1 show coming next screen.
2 shows coming next screen.
3 shows coming next screen.
Coming Up show
Coming Up News/Show in the Top-left corner of the screen.
Viewer Zone Time
Using the AJ Logo black spot for updating the local time where the viewer is watching AJE.
Thanks for watching!