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    Catalog for Mary Design's 2011 summer collection Gabinete de Curiosidades.
Catalog for Mary Design's 2011 summer collection entitled Gabinete de Curiosidades.
About the collection:
Mary Design's 2010 summer collection rescues a very old practice: the Cabinets of Curiosities, also known as Cabinets of Wonder, or Wonder-rooms. First appeared around the fourteenth century, the Cabinets of Curiosities were places used to collect and expose varieties of strange and unusual objects, representing the three "kingdoms": animal, flora and mineral, as well as human achievements. The Cabinets are considered the origin of natural history museums and art galleries.
Thanks to the explorers of that time, all sorts of material considered exotic, discovered in other distant lands, could reach the civilized world, where they were immediately considered 'wonders'.
As a contemporary version of the old Cabinets of Curiosities, this collection is intended to gather objects that reveal the cultural hue in which we live,  claiming the reminiscences of a past almost gone.

(For more information about the collection take a look at this video and at Mary Design's website)
 About the catalog:
Based on the collection's own subject, the catalog shows the pictures as if they were 'wonders' belonging to an old cabinet, waiting to be discovered by the user, while the photographs tried to integrate the different "kingdoms" into which the cabinets used to be divided.
About the format:
With large proportions, 29,7x42cm, the catalog could be hung on the walls of sale-points, giving it more visibility and easier access for clients.
Photo: 42 fotografia
Illustration: Gabriel Figueiredo