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U   S  P  O  M  E  N   S  P  O  M  E  N  I  C  I  M  A
A monument to monuments

Throughout the territory of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia approximately 15.000 monuments were constructed 
to commemorate the National Liberation War. They were symbols of the victory over fascism and as such were important not just nationally, but also globally. Most of the anti-fascist monuments were erected in the 1960s and 1970s.

After the collapse of Yugoslavia, the monuments that served as a symbol of collective memory, progressive optimism, new state identity 
and as a reminder of the horrors of war suddenly became a representation of a time passed by and therefore rendered undesirable.

Wanting to preserve the memory of the monument heritage we have created ‘A Monument to Monuments’ – a project that consists of a 
series of illustration posters that portray the revolutionary monuments together with a book that covers twenty monuments at this stage, 
but with a clear intent to include the entire body of work in the future.

Apart from paying tribute, the idea of the project is to revive the monuments’ longstanding value, to promote them as incredibly 
interesting touristic attractions (which they once were) and offer a platform for different activities that could benefit the whole community.

As homage to the monuments themselves, the illustrations were modelled on the photographic
reproductions dating from the period of the their creation.

For all those encountering the revolutionary monuments for the first time – we hope that these
illustrations will spark interest and encourage people to learn more about these Yugoslavian relics.
As for the generations that have grown up with them – we want to remind that these monuments
still stand, waiting to be visited and remembered.

List of monuments (from left to right):

1.TJENTIŠTE / Bosnia & Herzegovina / Author: Miodrag Živković, 2. KOZARA / Bosnia & Herzegovina / Author: Dušan Džamonja, 3. MAKLJEN / Bosnia & Herzegovina / Author: Boško Kućanski, 4. GRMEČ / Bosnia & Herzegovina / Author: Ljubomir Denković, 5. GLAMOČ / Bosnia & Herzegovina / Author: Mirko Ostoja, 6. BRAVSKO / Bosnia & Herzegovina 
/ Author: Mirko Radulović, 7. VOGOŠĆA / Bosnia & Herzegovina / Author: Petar Krstić & Zlatko Ugljen, 8. GARAVICE 
Bosnia & Herzegovina / Author: Bogdan Bogdanović, 9. ŠUŠNJAR - SANSKI MOST / Bosnia & Herzegovina / Author: Petar Krstić, 10. MEDENO POLJE / Bosnia & Herzegovina /, 11. SMETOVI - ZENICA / Bosnia & Herzegovina / Author: Afan Hozić, 12. JASENOVAC / Croatia / Author: Bogdan Bogdanović, 13. PETROVA GORA / Croatia / Author: Vojin Bakić & Berislav Šerbetić, 14. PODGARIĆ / Croatia / Author: Dušan Džamonja, 15. PODGORA / Croatia / Author: Rajko Radović, 16. ILIRSKA BISTRICA - HRIB SVOBODE / Slovenia / Author: Janez Lenassi, 17. KRUŠEVO - ILINDENSKI USTANAK 
/ Macedonia / Author: Jordan Grabuloski, Iskra Grabuloska &  Borko Lazeski, 18. KOSMAJ / Serbia / Author: Vojin Stojić & Gradimir Medaković, 19. KADINJAČA / Serbia / Author: Miodrag Živković & Aleksandar Đokić, 20. NIKŠIĆ / Montenegro / Author: Ljubo Vojvodić.

Art Direction / Design / Illustrations: Imelda Ramović
Photographer (book): Vanja Šolin
Special thanks to: Cerovski
Honorable mention to: Bojan Hadžihalilović, Ivan Hrkaš (for ambient photo)

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