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Conceived and produced by artist and poetry teacher Nancy Kangas and filmmaker Josh Kun, the Preschool Poets is a series of eight poems composed and performed by preschool-aged kids and interpreted into short films by animation artists around the world. 

The poems vary in tone and are full of fantastic images: talking suns, monsters and snowmen holding hands, and bullets relaxing out of guns; and the animated films elaborate on these images and expand their words, showing the intensity and sometimes complexity of what they love and fear. To find out more about the poems and the films, please visit preschoolpoets.org and make sure check the beautiful documentary about the making of Preschool Poets below:

We were very lucky to get Penny’s poem, Supergirl, where she shows the many ways she wants to be super. The contrasty nature of her words was an amazing starting point for the creative process!

Sometimes I want to be a superhero.

And sometimes I want to fly up high – SO HIGH!
and through the clouds!

And sometimes I would like to be Supergirl!

I would like to kick
cause that’s what a super girl does

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m in ice
And my hands and my feet –
cause ice makes you do NOTHING.


Production: Nancy Kangas & Joshua Kun
Creative Direction & Animation: Henrique Barone
Art Direction & Character Design: Fe Ribeiro
Music:Ronald Jenkees
Sound Design: Oakhouse Films