This is a project made for JWT Ccs and our friends of FUDENA the local representative in Venezuela of the WWF organization. When this idea come to us we evaluate a lots of ways to bring them to life, the best we get was to call an sculptor friend of mine call Tomás Añez and a amazing young talent photographer, Jhonny, together with the great creative team of J Walter Thompson we create the sculptures and like the old times we put them in to the studio to capture their expressions. After that all the cgi magic come to our rescue and the work you se down bellow its the result. Thanks to my friends of JWT Ccs for the opportunity and trust, especially to Javier Debourg, were are expecting for new projects like this to be part of.

Client: FUDENA / WWF
Agency: JWT CCS 
Cerative Director: Javier Debourg.
Art Director: Javier Debourg - Ali Armas.
Copy Writter: Javier Debourg - 
Photography: Jhonny Molina.
Scupltures: Tomás Añez.
Ilustration & CGI: Ali Armas.
This pieces were published in the wolrd famous advertising magazine Lürzers Archive in the 6/2017 edition. You can see the magazine in this link.
This is how we did it.