Switch United
Switch United is an independent Canadian studio that passionately explores interactive entertainment wherever it lives, online and offline. Specializing in multi-platform campaigns for entertainment and lifestyle related clients, the creative sandbox recently amalgamated with branding leaders Fleming Design (est. 1983), bringing together a multi-disciplinary team passionate about great storytelling across mediums.

I was an Art Director at Switch United during the time of these projects and it has sparked me into this realm of interactivity in public spaces. I grew and learned a lot during my time there and continue to work with this team of talented folk!
Ice Pilots NWT
For Omni Film’s new docu-vérité series on History Television about the maverick people, WWII-era fleet, and extraordinary challenges at Yellowknife-based Buffalo Airways, we wanted to go beyond the typical show site. The themes of man, machine, and the North were rich with possibility…as was the notion to play with the Googlemap API to build an interactive Storymap that would serve as an enduring place where fans and flying buffs could contribute and share their own stories about aviation North of 60. The Season 1 show became History Television’s most watched Canadian series ever.