Asylum brewing

According to the brief, Asylum Brewing Co. is a new Greek microbrewery company, the main aim of which is the experimentation and the differentiation of its recipes. This proclivity to variation and diversity characterises the company's partners themselves: diversity as a way of living, diversity as a way of thinking. This diversity allows freedom of expression, freedom of creation. Through this perspective, opposing concepts co-exist and form part of this creation. Existence / non-existence, action / reaction, freedom / consistency, form / anti-form, position / opposition, regularity / diversity are the main Asylum's concepts that are in constant dialogue with each other in order to create delicious recipes.

To approach this philosophical dimension, we created a series of portraits with fluidity as the basic feature, which forms a position and an opposition of regularity and of the very existence. For the first portrait of the summer beer type Saison we used the colors of the fields where Belgian farmers used to gather and drink, under the hot sun, hundreds of years ago.