M E N T A L  —  M U S C L E

A–Z wants everyone to, ‘Show their inner gold’. It’s our rallying cry to encourage people to unleash their full inner potential. 
Part of the way we do this is by designing better functioning sportswear, but we don’t stop there – 
we also harnessed the power of music.

We asked Zlatan to make a playlist that inspires him while he is training, and we shared it on A–Z’s Spotify channel. 
Our goal was to inspire people to train like a world champion.

We promoted the playlist with playful posts in social media using the dash (‘–') from the A–Z logo as visual device. The dash is used to express a range or variety, and in the case of Spotify (which offers millions of songs), we will used the dash to show the range of music in our playlist. For example, Zlatan’s playlist might have music ranging from 'Kanye – Slayer'.

The playlist has been followed by more than 23,500 Spotify members.