Make More Mistakes
Make more mistakes
Art book by Bram Vanhaeren

Three seconds is what it takes me to make a decision. In this case, it sounds like a big mistake too many. Barely being able to pass my reading & writing classes when I was a kid, still, affects my belief in my ability to write this book today. This is a mistake.

Today I share my newest book "Make more mistakes" to celebrate my random twenty-seventh birthday as a reminder to make more mistakes, do whatever I want & give myself permission to f*ck up.

Written, designed & hand screen printed (on a glossy softcover to make sure it will slowly fade away) to entertain you and start this journey with a massive mistake.

You can get this limited edition book via Bram&Ella
Make more mistakes
196 pages, 6×9 in., 15×23 cm, Screenprinted cover, Softcover & Hardcover available, matte finish​​​​​​​
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