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    Illustrated characters from the great decades of horrific heros of horror.
Horror Heroes
Illustration project
An Illustration project inspired by halloween and all of the wonderful characters that have their day to shine and be loved. Covering the best decades of cinema's most spooky chaps. To our Horro Heros.
Here’s the first in a series of illustrations of movie’s most loved nasties. Starting with ‘Halloween’s Michael Myers.

Horror Heros

The second in the latest illustration set is the dream weaving Freddy Krueger from the 80’s classic ‘Nightmare on Elm Street.

Horror Heros

The third illustration from the famous 90’s hit ‘Scream’ which hosted the iconic Ghost Face.

Horror Heros

Billy and Saw, a match made for continuous creeping chills. This is the fourth illustration in the Horror Heros series all in the name of Halloween.

Horror Heros

The final instalment to Torso Vertical’s Horror Heros illustration series. Ending with the modern classic, ‘Insidious’. A scary old lady always goes down a treat to get you feeling uneasy.

Horror Heros

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