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    My drawings for Inktober 2017 project.
Day 31, Theme "Mask"
"Devil Queen"

Day 30, Theme "Found"
1. That feeling when you find a triple glazed on one side and a double layer of chocolate on the other side donut with sprinkles and filling with strawberry jam. And it's huge. And you can't taste! 
2. That feeling when you find a purrrfect place to lick your fur. 
Day 29, Theme "United"
United and ready for revenge!
Day 28, Theme "Fall"

Day 27, Theme "Climb"
Halloween is coming to Savannah! 
Day 26, Theme "Squeak"
Squeeeeeeak! What a sad day for a little mouse!
Day 25, Theme "Ship"
Day 24, Theme "Blind"
I tried to imagine a feeling when you realize that you will not see the world ever again. 
Many fears, noises, sadness, and endless dark surround you. 
All you want is to run and hide in a quiet place. 
But you can't run. And you can't hide from this terrifying darkness.
Day 23, Theme "Juicy"
You are a fruit in a fruit bowl and you got bored. What to do? 
Of course! Make a competition "Who is juiciest"! 
Day 22, Theme "Trail"
Do you remember that fat guy and his pet from Inktober Day 16? 
So, he decided to make his dream come true: to go to the Sweets Castle. What a big challenge! 
Day 21, Theme "Furious"
Today Kitty learns main facial expressions. 
Day 20, Deep
Day 19, Theme "Cloud"
Baby cloud's heroes.
Day 18, Theme "Filthy"
Splash splash splash! 
Day 17, Theme "Graceful"
Dinosaur ladies also have some dreams!
Day 16, Theme "Fat"
Fat guy and his pet.
Day 15, Theme "Mysterious"

Day 14, Theme "Fierce"
"Fierce" monster.
Day 13, Theme "Teeming"
Day 12, Theme "Shattered"
Freedom for cuckoo clocks' cuckoos!
Day 11, Theme "Run"
Day 10, Theme "Gigantic"
Eat me!
Day 9, Theme "Screech"
Day 8, Theme "Crooked"
A sad crooked vase. 
Day 7, Theme "Shy"
Day 6, Theme "Sword"
Day 5, Theme "Long"
Day 4, Theme "Underwater"
Day 3, Theme "Poison"
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