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    A sequence of images that reflect and translate dreams and thoughts of the sub-conscious.

The aim of the brief was to develop a project/art piece that reflects the individual’s creative; interests, strengths and integrity, as well as give an indication of the direction the individual wishes to pursue after their undergrad. In order to achieve the following criteria it was imperative that I had a thorough understanding of whom I am as an artist, as well as whom I am as an individual. It was upon this notion that I came to the startling observation that I, like many young adults, truthfully do not recognize who I am. Therefore, it posed a difficult task to delve into who I am as an individual, not to mention the direction I wish to pursue after my undergrad
As a result, I felt it was necessary to explore the goals I wished to pursue for the year. It was in this pursuit of self reflection that I discovered that the key element (or rather, core ingredient) that was absent from my life, was my confidence and consequently, my passion for life. Whereupon, I recognised that the ability to be creative through art and design is the tool to my self expression. It is the said art and design that is my voice – it is a channel I can communicate my thoughts and emotions through, without feeling vulnerable and insecure. A passion for life, as previously mentioned, inspired me to delve into my quirky yet playful side. It is upon this notion, that I realised that art is my escape from reality – it allows you to venture and explore a different realm; my imagination.
At that point in time, it was apparent that my primary goal was to build my confidence and let my heart guide me. As a result, I felt the first step I needed to assign myself, was; identifying who I as an artist. The aspects that revealed themselves, almost instantly, were; my love for digital cartoon-inspired illustration, pen and ink medium, but above all, a meaningful concept.
Whilst researching specific artistic style and tone, I selected what I felt to be a very appropriate overarching concept, an overarching concept based on the word Fantastical. The reason behind selecting the word fantastical is that, it is a word that describes; the design I am interested in, the characters I enjoy designing and the different realms I enjoy visiting in order to escape reality. However, it is ironic, that it is in these said realms that latent emotions and issues appear. The word fantastical does not necessarily describe a place that is amazing – it also describes a place that could be capricious, illusive or impetuous – a place that you may not want to visit but can’t avoid. In turn, a place that emanates a fantastical or phantasmagorical world, are the places frequently visited by individuals in their sleep, namely; their Dreams. Therefore, I have chosen the concept of dreams to portray the message I want to express visually. In order to gain insights for my concept and execution, I explored the concept of dreams further. It is within this research that I; investigated into the science of sleep, as well as, the psychological connection dreams have with our conscious minds.
The medium that I felt best reflected my concept was digital illustration, as this medium forms part of my artistic strengths.
The final execution consists of twelve print pages, each reflecting a dream. As briefly mentioned before, the message I wish to convey by depicting my dreams in a frame is that; individuals tend to neglect their needs, wants and latent emotions. As a result, they find that they are not truly happy or feel lost and confused .The objective, is for the individual to confront these feelings that they have suppressed and ultimately decide what they, in reality, want out of life. In turn, they shall find the path or journey they must embark on in order to achieve happiness and self-motivation. The process I took to execute these images was; document my dreams, research associations and connotations that objects, circumstances, people etc, represent and finally illustrate visuals that are currently relevant and useful to my life, in terms what direction I need to take.I may not have resolved exactly who I am as an individual but I feel that this project guided me in the direction of who I want to be as an individual.