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    A Corporate Identity, for myself, as a freelance designer.

Brand Identity is the most fundamental element when launching an individual’s name into industry. The brand identity is the visual representation of a company in the minds of the client. Therefore, it is imperative that the said visual representation is both; consistent throughout tangible brand elements, as well as, rational within its conceptual thinking. The concept behind my logo is relevant in communicating to both; people in industry, as well as clients. The name ‘Flea’ is a nickname bestowed upon myself whilst growing up. It is a name derived from another nickname of mine, ‘Philly’. The association that most people might find with the flea is; that it is a parasite that acts as a vector for disease or possibly, a talented bassist from the ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’. However, I as a designer, feel that I share many attributes with that of a flea. For example, the flea has been known to be one of the best jumpers. Accordingly, designers also need to be some of the best jumpers - they need to be bold and take risks. A designer, much like the flea, is never fully aware if they are going to make the jump. However, they will go out of their way to reach that host, or rather, consumer. Design has many other attributes akin to that of the flea. For example, the flea is able to withstand great pressure, as well as, adapt to survive, despite the constant attempt to eliminate it. Furthermore, as a designer, there is almost, without a doubt, the certainty that they shall be subject to immense amounts of pressure. Moreover, design is about adapting to change and the designers ability to prosper among endless competition.