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    A series of documents, books and exhibit pieces that interpret the nationally significant story of Belmead-on-the-James.
In June 2011, Belmead was placed on the National Trust for Historic Preservation's 11 Most Endangered list. The site has an amazing and complex history that spans every aspect of the American experience, but had been largely forgotten at the time of the nomination. The challenge of this piece was to interpret the vast and important history of the site in a concise and clear way. The document conveys the complex history, stories and themes of the site using graphics and text (also written by me). Originally distributed to attendees at an event celebrating Belmead's nomination, the document became both an educational piece as well as a fundraising piece. 
This walking-tour guide and written history to the Historic Belmead property maps provides maps, images and written descriptions for over 60 points of interest on the Belmead property. The "Building Belmead" Guidebook has become the central document interpreting the Historic Belmead site. 
A series of 17 exhibit posters was created to complement the "Building Belmead" Guidebook. The posters are on display in the museum of the Belmead mansion.