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    A group project that requires the design and execution of a sustainable and educational toy in order to promote social awareness. Group Members:… Read More
    A group project that requires the design and execution of a sustainable and educational toy in order to promote social awareness. Group Members:Ashley Pillay, Lauren Briggs, Nonhlanhla Limako, Phillippa Bundy, Tyaan Robert Read Less

Once Upon A Time Initiative
The aim of the brief was to design and create an educational toy that, in turn, shall motivate individuals to not only interact and engage with the toy, but also, provide the said individuals with the conceptual understanding of sustainability and social responsibility.
We as a group of five vega students, four specialising in visual communication and one specialising in copywriting, formed the idea of a ‘Once Upon A Time Initiative’.The concept of the ‘Once Upon A Time’ initiative relies on the funding from a widely recognised brand, as that of Clover. The said initiative is a campaign based around the construction and design of a new educational card game that motivates children to utilise their creativity and imagination through the process of storytelling. The game is played when five cards are equally dealt amongst a group of individuals (children/adults). The players are required to achieve five cards that represent the same colour. Upon which, the first player to receive a full set (five) of cards places them directly on the table and the game is discontinued. At that time, the player is required to arrange the cards and deliver a story in sequence, according to the pictures/words/numbers displayed on the cards. In order for the player to win, the player must tell a story that is inclusive of all the pictures/words/numbers, whilst formulating a coherent link or association to the image.In addition, there are a number of cards that play an alternative role in the card game. The said cards are namely; ‘The Once Upon A Time’ card, ‘Happily Ever After’ card, Happily Never After’ card, Action Cards and the Blank cards. Each of these cards, exclusive of the action cards, serves as any colour in the pack and may be included in the story. However, the ‘Once Upon A Time’ card also serves as a ‘game changer’ card in that it may be used to interrupt a player telling their story, for example; If a person has achieved a full set of the same-coloured cards, another player who has picked up the ‘Once Upon A Time’ card may interrupt their story by throwing down their card and shouting out a random word. As a result, the player needs to include this word in their story in the time it takes the other players to say ‘Once Upon A Time.’ The purpose of the action cards, previously mentioned, is for the player to re-enact what they see on the card. These cards allow for players to not only verbalise their story but also to include a physical and active element to the game.
In order for the ‘Once Upon A Time’ educational card game to gain recognition and invoke social awareness, a ‘Once Upon A Time’ initiative needs to be established. The ‘Clover, Once Upon A Time’ initiative relies on the awareness gained from exposure of the campaign featured on Clover products, specifically, Milk. As a result, two additional contact points to that of the ‘Once Upon A Time’, themed card game, need to be executed. The said contact points include; Stickers/ Neck tags and a featured web page on the Clover website. The stickers/neck tags will be placed around and or on the Clover milk/products in order to raise awareness for the ‘Once Upon A Time’ fund. Thus, each sticker /neck tag shall promote that, ‘50cents off of each purchase of a litre milk shall go towards the ‘Clover Once Upon A Time’ fund, where the proceeds shall go towards educational initiatives. The said initiatives include; a donation of two packs of ‘Once Upon A Time’ cards to each grade in the approximately 27000 primary schools in South Africa. The stickers and neck tags each feature a QR code or web address that allows consumers to visit the ‘Once Upon A Time’ webpagewithin the Clover Website. The ‘Once Upon a Time’ webpage provides further information on the ‘Once Upon a Time’ campaign, as well as supplies an option to donate and contribute more towards the cause. In addition, the viewer may also purchase a ‘Once Upon A Time’ card pack for themselves and their families or participate in an online creative writing competition that results in primary school students increasing their imagination and creative writing skills. As a result, possible prizes could include; cash prizes or creative writing workshops.
In conclusion, the ‘Clover, Once Upon A Time’ initiative provides the Clover brand with; greater support and awareness in its endeavours to better the education in South Africa, potential interest in generating new products, whilst the cause is funded and the pursuit to change the education crisis in South Africa is underway.