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    An integrated campaign for the school of brand leadership, Vega.

The aim of the brief was to generate an integrated campaign for the brand, ‘Vega, School Of Brand Leadership.’ The concept, strategy and execution of the said campaign need to reflect the image Vega wishes to portray in the market place, as well as increase Vega’s brand awareness and number of prospective students.Accordingly, the campaign must not only target the expected consumer, namely the student, but also other demographics such as: Parents, educators and industry professionals.
The four contact points that I selected to create more brand awareness in the market place were; business cards, compliment slips, interactive web element and a Poster.
The business cards and compliment slipsThe business cards and compliment slips were selected as an effective brand contact point because they are ultimately the face of the brand. The business cards are one of the first contact points that clients, schools, students etc see. Therefore, if the business cards and the compliment slips resonate in the minds of the consumer, individuals will talk about the brand.
Interactive Web ElementThe role of the Vega website is very important as it is the source the potential students shall seek in order to find more information on the Vega brand. Therefore, an interactive element that is different and unique to that of other websites will stand out in the consumer’s mind.
PostersThe Posters, although traditional, are an effective communicator and are necessary to promote the brand in a cost-effective approach. The posters are utilised also in the trust that innovative posters shall grab the attention of consumers and generate the word-of-mouth experience many individuals have with the Vega Brand. The use of posters are also fundamental because of the coverage they make across the country – the effect of 100 posters as opposed to a thirty second TV advertisement previewed only once, is significantly more successful.
The previously mentioned, contact points are only effective if the concept, message and execution of the contact points are successful.
The ConceptThe concept selected to be utilised through all the brand contact points is the concept of vision. The Vega, school of brand leadership promotes a different and unique perspective on the world today. The Vega student is inspired visually and although thinks strategically at times, strays away from the norms of thinking. In turn, Vega offers a unique perspective on innovation and idea generation. The concept is communicated through all the brand contact points. The business cards feature different style of sun glasses and spectacles as to adhere to the idea that; although the individuals have unique perspectives at Vega, each of the said individuals also have different styles and methods when portraying their unique perspectives. The interactive web element and the posters both support the concept of vision, as they portray eye test charts. Eye test charts are used to test an individual’s vision. The web element is designed to look like a colour-blind test, however feature unique esoteric images that are common place in the design industry. The colour blind test is also relative to how Vega students view images, as well as colour (design) The Poster is a standard eye test chart with letters – However, as the letters progress down the page, the letters convert into design-orientated images. The idea of the letters changing into the said images support the idea that Vega student see things differently, as well as, view things through visuals.