The design is based in two supports with a joint mechanism that allows its regulation at different heights, So that it can be adapted to sit on the floor or on a piece of furniture. The product is based in simple lines, combining materials that are part of the latest trends in interior furniture. On the other hand, the design doesn´t intend to upstage the tv, rather it seeks to accompany and enhance Samsung´s design.

The design has a series of easily interchangeable parts with which we can do different configurations of the product, so that we can change materials and colors, in order that the product become totally adaptable to the final user. In our product it is possible to emphasise its adaptability to the space and to the user, the easy assembly of its parts and a manufacture of simple and economical components. This product is robust and elegant to the standard of all other Samsung products.

Last Update. December'17 
THARSIS sells its design. Flamingo now belongs to the SAMSUNG's family

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Thanks to Samsung and Dezeen. Thanks to Fulden Dehneli for the photos.

Designed, modeled and rendered by tharsis team, 2017

Manuel Fernandez Rubio
Javier Pereira Luna
Antonio Jesús Bielsa Martín
MªCarmen Gómez Dugo

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Flamingo, Finalist of Samsung QLED TV stand competition