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    Logotype we designed for RageHaus. As a self promotional project, we physically reproduced the letters with layers of cardboard.
RageHaus is a design studio my husband and I started. Designing the logotype was the first major collaboration we made towards building RageHaus. We both envisioned RageHaus in fat, geometric letters. With that inspiration, plus a lot of sketching, the RageHaus logotype was born.
As a fun self promotional project, we decided to physically reproduce the RageHaus logotype. It just so happens that we had a stockpile of cardboard in the work room and we thought that layers of cardboard would be an excellent structure for three dimensional letters. The letters themselves measure 8 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep. Each letter is made of 12 layers of cardboard. It was time consuming cutting out each layer by hand, but we love the results.