- The Urdu Exhibit -

"It was such a close, intimate vibe at The Urdu Exhibit held at the G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture on Tuesday, 26th September 2017 where we attempted to do our bit to throw light on the beautiful yet somehow often neglected language of Urdu, and engage in creating work around the theme."
- Madhuvanthi Mohan, Writer - Design Fabric.

The letter ‘U’ looms large and omniscient and Mohammad uses the U to amalgamate everything the language stands for in 2050. He sees a world where the culture of ‘Tehzib’ still flourishes and Urdu draws strength from that. It nurtures and protects the essence of other languages, as Sanskrit once was the root of everything, Urdu is now the root and the constant. It blends and seamlessly adapts to popular culture, as any language must do, to survive. 





Thank You :)
Art Direction & Illustration - Mohammad Azad
Writer & Creative Producer - Madhuvanthi Mohan
Curator - Sanket Avlani
Motion - Pawas Akarsh