Type Waterfall

Arphic: Type Waterfall
Moving Image / Interactive Installation

In 2017, Arphic Technology released a new kind of font: ShuYuan Sung (文鼎書苑宋) Variable Font. 
A variable font is, a single font file that behaves like multiple fonts, gaining an infinite flexibility of weight, width, and other attributes without also gaining file size. It designed with classic humanities, replacing the stiff strokes with Chinese calligraphic strokes and letterpress type design. 
We were commissioned to plan this presentation. 
For reading Chinese on high resolution and multi devices, and the horizontal strokes of Chinese Ming fonts used on existed devices are normally too thin that there must be new designed types to fulfill the use on new hardware. ShuYuan Sung is designed for the purpose above and also to prevent from Sung being replaced by Hei (Sans-Serif Chinese Fonts).

In past few years, we often want to add some poetic in the new media design. The text itself, as a medium for carrying language and culture, no longer needs to add extra literary -- as long as we grinding and highlight its value.

As a key communicator reach across all media that type is, we built a smart, dynamic and emotional digital art installations, created for Arphic’s presence at creative industry events. With a pure and powerful huge vision, the viewer can directly having conversation with the text through their bodies. They only need to do little gestures, that will cause the great response from the typeface, and immediately feel the slightest tiny details from the typeface's weight, scale and condensed.
Arphic: Type Waterfall

Client: Arphic technology co.
Type: Branding & Installation

Director: Ke-Jyun Wu, Ting-An Ho 
Creative Developer: Ting-An Ho, Ke-Jyun Wu 
Visual Script & Generative Artist: Ke-Jyun Wu 
Interactive System: Ke-Jyun Wu, James Weng 
3D Artist: Stewart Chien 
Space Arrangements: Ta Chung Liu 
Acting Model: Val Chen 
Project Manager: Ting-An Ho 

Font Used: ShuYuan Sung (Variable Font)
Production House: STUDIO 411 
Year: 2017

Type Waterfall