I saw as much but never heard them, 2015-2017

My main sphere of creative interest is man and his relationship with space and himself, which gives expression in my works. Collage technique is an ideal medium for exploring in myself and for setting new worlds. The stories in the series “I saw as much but never heard them” are a completely subjective attempt to visualize states and thoughts that everyone experienced during childhood and later in adolescence, when our identity and self-consciousness were developing. Collages depict the different stages in which people are when they grow up and the different emotions they experience. It’s about the child’s curiosity about the world; about games created in the imagination; about getting to know and interpreting evil, showing the way through our loved ones, but also about when these people become overprotective of us and how it affects us. 

This project is my graduation work at Filmschool in Lodz, Poland.

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