One day of summer 2015 I had an idea. I love letters and I love creating alphabets. So I wonder why I can't do another one? Now it must be an alphabet of magical creatures. I loved doing illustrations using ink and isograph. So an etching was born. Illustrations were look like old fashioned pictures from children fairy tales. Then I thought I want my letters would be medieval gothic letters, and hole project will be like medieval book of beasts and strange creatures.
And, of course, I always loved fairy tales.
That's how my BESTIARY was born.   
I drew 26 illustration of creatures of different cultures and added some sketches and drawings. I wrote all descriptions and made hole book projest. 
Then I published my book in little Saint Petersburg's printing house in amount of 5 copies. 
Here you can find all big illustrations: part 1part 2 and part 3.
Thank you for watching!