Sociamonials Best Social media campaigns
Top 10 Social Media Campaigns That You Should Be Doing for Your Marketing

Do you know that the best social media campaigns are usually the ones that close the deals, get more sales and produce happy customers? We all want that for our business. Not only are they the most affordable marketing strategy and fun to do, getting social online also enables brands to know more about their audience. But first, we have to crack the code of building a successful social media campaign. There’s no better way than to learn from those who’ve already done it. 

In this article, we are going to show you ten examples of the most effective social media campaigns. We’ll all uncover the critical steps they took that made their campaigns viral. Sometimes we think that great social media marketing campaigns are difficult to achieve with unknown brands. Don’t be mistaken, some of them started from scratch and still reached the top. Whether they used the best social media sites or gave their best efforts to social media spending, we’ll all find out.
Let’s dive into the top ten best social media campaigns every small business should be doing now.

1. Airbnb’s Video and Photo Campaigns 

Airbnb’s “live there” theme encouraged people to live like locals in their travel destination places. They used 3D technology and a new approach to visual advertising. Their campaign video was flooded with 11 million views on Facebook. They also used powerful images to speak to their followers in Instagram.

2. Oreo’s Video Series Campaigns

Oreo’s knack of coming up with fresh content on its social sites is remarkable. One of its most memorable campaigns was that of Halloween 2013 when it created spoofs of classic horror movies while it featured its cookies. These spoof videos were released in series at Vine, a short-form video hosting service. 

3. Starbucks Photo Campaigns

In 2009, Starbucks created new posters themed with the 60’s style featuring the quality of their coffee beans and the way they use it to make the best coffee. Starbucks asked their customers to look for these posters, and whoever be the first ones to find them and post them on Twitter won.

4. Tasty as Buzzfeed’s Social Media Channel

Buzzfeed created its own social media channel known as Tasty. It used Facebook to release all of its deliciously appealing videos. As a result, all of its videos received a million views while the number one video had 161 million views. 

5. Pampers Photo and Community Campaigns

Pampers, the diaper company, adapts a photo campaign that uses high-quality images of intimate moments between baby and parents. They create such stunning images that you can’t help but click on “follow”. They run a great marketing strategy that created a community which not only reaches out to parents but also to soon-to-be parents.
6. Go Pro’s User Generated Content

GoPro, a camera manufacturing company, asks its product users to send in their best photos. GoPro takes advantage of its user-generated content by publishing these photos on social media sites while it also highlights its very own camera product. Through its “Photo of the Day”, every post gets a lot of shares.

7. Toy Story 3 Advertisements Using Social Media

Toy Story 3 created short videos for social media that went out to be viral. They used Facebook to release film tickets. Facebook users were not able to leave the page unless they book their seats. Obviously, the film was a big hit and their social media tactics brought in huge revenues. 

8. Charmin’s #TweetFromTheSeat Campaign

Charmin, the toilet paper company, had the fantastic idea to turn an ordinary product into something memorable to its consumers. Through the #TweetFromTheSeat campaign, they’ve asked people to tweet what’s on their mind when they’re on the toilet seat. They received so many tweets and responses for this creative campaign.

9. Gap’s Social Media Sites Campaigns for Discount Coupons
Gap company partnered with Groupon, the online discount site, to sell $50 apparel for only $25. They put this program on many social media sites and resulted in many new customers. They also ran a deal with Foursquare users where they gave away 25% discount upon log-in on specific dates. Again, they gained so many new buyers.

10. Always Video Advocacy Campaigns

Always, a feminine hygiene product brand shows its standpoint on the values it believes in. Like its campaign on young girls being unstoppable, the company used motivating videos to speak to its audience about a not-so-popular topic. Through their campaigns, Always showed its authentic care to its consumers which led to more trust by a wide audience.

Were you inspired by these 'social media campaigns' that were carefully made for their own specific audience? Which one did you like the most? Which one did you learn the most? Now that you know what social media campaigns work, why not create one today? 
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Sociamonials Best Social media campaigns

Sociamonials Best Social media campaigns


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